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Student support services at the College comprise:



Student Support centres:

In the student support centres at the College, various services are provided to students:

Facilities for  quiet reading and study
Computer facilities to practice computer skills
Internet and e-mail facilities at a minimum fee
A typing facility for CV s at a minimum fee
Books for reference purposes
Scanning facility
Remedial  programmes on computer such as Media Works to improve English proficiency and skills in Mathematics, Economic Sciences and Technology
The “Readers are leaders” programme is available to students to develop speed-reading, comprehension and reasoning skills
Information on career guidance

Student Wellness

The following services are rendered with the assistance of the Department of Health

HIV pre- test counselling
HIV testing
HIV post- test counselling
TB symptomatic screening
Linkage to TB treatment
BP screening
Anaemia screening
Blood glucose screening
Training in peer counselling

The South African Blood Services visit the College on a regular basis and renders the following services:

Testing students to determine blood groups
Blood donation

The College celebrates the following days on the calendar earmarked for health:

Hospice Week
World Red Cross Day
World Move for Health Day
International Nurses Day
World Chronic Fatigue and Immune Day
Candlelight Memorial Day
Child Protection Week
International Day of Action for Women’s Health
World No- Tobacco Day

Linkage with industry on wellness issues

SASOL sends its weekly “SASOL-E-care” on health topics to the College.  This is forwarded to the different Student Support Centres for distribution to students.

The Competency and Placement tool (CAP) for pre-entry support
This tool is used to:
Assists  a student to identify a vocational programme aligned to his/her field of interest thereby ensuring that the student is placed in a suitable programme
To identify specific outcomes that the student have not yet mastered, hence highlighting the levels of academic support the student may need to bridge gaps identified
Focuses on Mathematics and English skills

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